What We Offer Our Clients

Radco, Inc. is a registered business corporation in the State of Nebraska. Radco, Inc. is owned and managed by Randy May, President / CEO.

The primary on-line business focus is the Design and Development of independent Web Sites for our clients. Once we have been contacted, we review the needs and desires of each client, estimate the cost to them for the services we will perform for them, collect a deposit to begin our work and in most cases, we can have a brand new web site live to the world within a very short period of time.

We use a company owned domain, “ottabeyours.com” to begin our design process with you. We load your sight design as a “demonstration” to this domain so that you can actually see how your permanent site will look, before we publish it live on your own domain. This helps us and our clients work together to customize a web site to fit specific needs, etc. leaving very little to the imagination!

The final part of our services is to actively host and support your site once it is completed and launched. Our hosting service fees are based upon the amount of support each client desires.

We do not share your personal information that we receive from you without exception unless we have your written permission on a case by case basis.

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We Design Your Site To Your Specifications And Provide Ongoing Hosting & Support Services